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Bud Powell, em "The Amazing Bud Powell" - CD2.

(Recorded 1951 - BlueNote)

1. "A Night In Tunisia".

2. "A Night In Tunisia" (Alternate Take).

3. "It Could Happen To You" (Alternate Take).

4. "It Could Happen To You".

5. "Parisian Thoroughfare".

6. "Autumn In New York".

7. "Reets And I".

8. "Reets And I" (Alternate Take).

9.Sure Thing".

10. "Collard Greens And Black Eyed Peas" (Alternate Take).

11. "Collard Greens And Black Eyed Peas".

12. "Polka Dots And Moonbeams".

13. "I Want To Be Happy".

14. "Audrey".

15. "Glass Enclosure".

Bud Powell

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