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Charlie Parker & The Stars of Modern Jazz, Carnegie Hall, Xmas'49".

(Recorded 1949 - Jass)

1. "All God's Chillun Got Rhythm" (Bud Powell Trio).

2. "Move" (Miles Davis).

3. "Hot House" (Jam Session).

4. "Ornithology" (Jam Session).

5. "Always". (Stan Getz/Kai Winding).

6. "Sweet Miss". (Stan Getz/Kai Winding).

7. "Long Island Sound". (Stan Getz Quartet).

8. "Once In A While" (Sarah Vaughan).

9. "Mean To Me". (Sarah Vaughan).

10. "You Go To My Head" (Lee Konitz Sextet/Lennie Tristano).

11. "Sax Of A Time" (Lee Konitz Sextet/Lennie Tristano).

12. "Ornithology" (Charlie Parker Quintet).

13. "Cheryl" (Charlie Parker Quintet).

14. "Koko" (Charlie Parker Quintet).

15. "Bird Of Paradise" (Charlie Parker Quintet).

16. "Now's The Time" (CharlieParker Quintet).

Charlie Parker 

Bud Powell

Miles Davis

Stan Getz

Kai Winding

Sarah Vaughan

Lee Konitz
(1927 )

Lenny Tristano

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