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Billie Holiday, em "Complete Recordings With Lester Young" - CD1.

(Recorded 1937/1941 - Released 2005)

1. "He Ain't Got Rhythm".

2. "This Year Kisses".

3. "Why Was I Born?".

4. "I Must Have That Man".

5. "Sun Showers".

6. "Yours And Mine".

7. "Mean To Me".

8. "Foolin' Myself".

9. "Easy Livin'".

10. "I'll Never Be The Same".

11. "Me, Myself And I (Are All In Love With You)".

12. "A Sailboat In The Moonlight".

13. "Born To Love".

14. "Without Your Love".

15. "Getting Some Fun Out Of Life".

16. "Who Wants Love?".

17. "Trav'lin' All Alone".

18. "He's Funny That Way".

19. "My First Impression Of You".

20. "When You're Smiling".

21. "I Can't Get Started" (Bonus Track).

Billie Holiday
Lester Young

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