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Billie Holiday, em "Complete Recordings With Lester Young" - CD2.

(Recorded 1037/1941 - Released 2005)

1. "I Cant't Believe That You're In Love With Me".

2. "If Dreams Come True".

3. "Now They Call It Swing".

4. "Back In Your Own Backyard".

5. "When A Woman Loves A Man".

6. "The Very Thought Of You".

7. "I Can't Get Started".

8. "I've Got A Date With A Dream".

9. "You Can't Be Mine (And Someone Else's Too).

10. "Everybody' Laughing".

11. "Here It Is Tomorrow Again".

12. "Say It With A Kiss".

13. "The Man I Love".

14. "You're Just A No Account".

15. "You're A Lucky Guy".

16. "I'm Pulling Through".

17. "Laughing At Life".

18. "Time On My Hands".

19. "Let's Do It".

20. "All Of Me".

21. "The Man I Love" (Bonus Track)

Billie Holiday
Lester Young

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